Watch for the Glass Falling From New Construction Condo Buildings


Two more pieces of glass have fallen from a condominium in downtown Toronto.

On Sept. 3 and Sept. 6, pieces of tempered glass fell from the 40th and 44th floors of the Lanterra Developments-owned South Tower of the Murano complex on Grenville Street.

“We have been informed by the contractor, Toro Aluminum Railings, that on both days, during the removal process, Toro workers had a panel of the tempered glass break in their hands and some small pieces fell to the ground,” Lanterra said in a statement.

Toronto Police say no one was hurt but there was vehicle damage when glass fell from a balcony onto the road at Bay and Grosvenor Streets late Tuesday morning.

No one was affected by the accident, as the protective hoarding that Lanterra has put in place at the locations where the balcony glass removal is taking place acted, as designed, to protect pedestrians in the event of such an incident. Toro is currently reviewing their removal procedure in light of the incident, and the written procedure as posted on the location is being reviewed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.


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