Small Space- Not a Problem! Tips on How To Make Your Small Space Feel Like Home

small condo

Living in a small condo or house can raise one main question-

How to turn this limited space where every inch is counted into something that will bring joy and comfort?

 There are always practical solutions aimed at making your ‘SMALL SPACE’ feel like HOME.

Here are a few great room by room ideas on how to avoid feeling cramped and cluttered.

Before we proceed with organizing each room, please,

Clean  Out  Your  Belongings  Before  You Start  Organizing !!!

Get rid off of unused stuff and narrow down to those things that you really use.

Why waste time organizing things you don’t need right let alone spending money on organizational solutions.

Living Room

The Living room is usually considered the key place for family activities:  gatherings, parties, in one word, a  place for relaxing and socializing. Here are some tips to design this crucial room in your place:

– Avoid purchasing bulky stuffed furniture. Sell or trade- in your old one for a sleek more open furniture. Glass and transparent furniture will be a great fit.

-Purchase furniture that offers hidden built-in components like a chest for for a coffee table or ottowan with the opening top.

– Install light weight shelves on the wall to store your DVDs/CDs, picture frames, books or even your small HiFi system.



Kitchen is considered the heart in your home and it has to be always in order although it may require more work and creative thinking.

– Use suspended shelving kits to show your best dishware and save cupboard space!

– Invest a few dollars in cabinet and drawer organizers. Trust me it will be your best investment in the kitchen organization and help you avoid the falling tupperware when the cabinet door is opened.

-Get rid off  or donate older appliances. We all have a blender or food processor which we haven’t used for ages and will never touch again. Give it to someone who will actually use  it!

– If you are in the process of renovating, get tall cabinets for extra storage space.

– Get yourself a small kitchen island on wheels for more storage and for more counter space to prepare food.



– Buy Headboards with Shelves and Built Lights

-Use risers or rollers with your bed frame to lift the bed high enough to store boxes books and etc.

– Invest into a bed frame that has drawers built right in.

–  Consider buying a bunk bed for kids or a loft bed that will allow the space for a desk underneath.

_Headboard Bed


– When Installing the vanity,  Make sure it has underneath closed in storage

– Install a small shelf  above the vanity faucet  which will allow to increase sink space

– If you are renovating , create wall niches in the shower/tub area. They look great and provide space for your soap and shampoo..

built in shower niches built in niche shower locker shower lockers


Order Custom Made or Purchase a Ready to Use closet organization system. Smart organization system will open up space that you did not even know you had.

– Use suitcases to store off season  or clothes you rarely wear

–  Maximize your closet space by installing the narrow shelves on the side walls of the closet. They can store footwear and bags.

– Buy containers to store clothes in Home Depot or Rona and stock them on top of each other.Bedroom-Closet-Design

In conclusion, I suggest de-cluttering as much as possible and avoid  building it up again.  Less clutter means less dusting, cleaning – you save time and energy !

Don’t be in a rush, give yourself some time and organize your house slowly, room by room.

You don’t need to give up everything when living in a small space. It just requires the use of some creative ideas and your desire to live clutter -free.


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