Crestview Place Condominiums on Seneca Hill Dr Needs More Units For Sale

260 Seneca Hill dr by Nikolay KLyuhskin

Crestview Place Condominiums combining 260 Seneca Hill Drive, 350 Seneca Hill Drive and 177 Linus Rd have gained a large popularity throughout the buying public.

It’s  popularity has been spreading to a variety of categories of purchasers from first-time buyers  looking to be in great location at an affordable price, downsizers coming from larger properties and still enjoying the spacious sizes of Crestview Place units  (1 bed- from 750 sq ft, 2 bed- from 900 sq ft, 3 bed from 1100 sq ft) and, of course, investors.

We are in the last month of spring and we really experience a shortage of inventory:

I have 3 motivated buyers looking to purchase in Crestview Place Condos this year:

1. A Family with 35% downpayment is looking for a 3 bedroom 2 Bathroom facing south in 260 Seneca Hill Drive

2. A Mature Couple looking downsize in 2 bedroom in 260 Seneca Hill Drive both sides South and North will work

3. Young Family of 3 needs 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom in 177 Linus rd.

If you are thinking about selling or know  somebody looking to sell in these buildings, don’t hesitate to give me a call at 647-833-3287 and I will help save and few thousands of dollars and connect you to the pre-approved purchaser. This a Win -Win for all!


Right now the inventory is limited to these units available for sale and lease:

260 Seneca Hill Dr Ph03- 2 bed 1 bathroom is listed at 305,000

260 Seneca Hill Drive COndos for sale

177 Linus Rd Unit 1202 , Listed for Lease at 1900 per month

Beautifully renovated unit with an open concept is available immediately for lease in 177 Linus Rd.

177 Linus Rd for lease C2901438_6

Call Nikolay Klyushkin- ‘Your Crestview Place Condos Specialist’ for any question regarding units for sale or lease in 260 Seneca Hill dr, 350 Seneca Hill dr or 177 Linus Rd.

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