Crestview Place’s Daycare – Another Great Reason to Invest in Seneca Hill Condos!


Daycare on Don Mills and Finch

Buying a house that will become your home is one of the most exciting events in your life.

Regardless of how many houses you have purchased before, choosing the “right” one

involves a series of very important decisions. A home is more than just four walls; it is the

right community with the right resources and the rights schools and much more.

Families with small children particularly want to be sure that the neighbourhood they are

considering has daycare centres that suit the needs of their children.View of Tennis Court in 350 Seneca Hill Drive

One of the busiest Centres for Early Learning (CFEL) in North York is conveniently located

in Crestview Place Condominium Complex at Don Mills and Finch Ave, 350 Seneca Hill


Its excellent location right on the intersection of Don Mills and Finch Ave within 8 minutes

drive to the east from Yonge/Finch Subway station and 2 minute drive to Sheppard Subway

Station. It is very convenient not only for public transport commuters but to driving parents

too due to its close proximity to major highways of 400/404/DVP.

Centres for Early Learning has been making a lasting difference in the lives of children for

over 35 years.Daycare -350 Seneca Hill drive,Toronto

That particular daycare at 350 Seneca Hill Drive, Suite 101 is a commercial licensed

daycare. It accommodates the needs of children from 0 to 6 years. The capacity for infant

as well as toddler spaces is 20 seats, for preschool/kindergarden age group is 50. The

subsidy can be available, however, it is very individual and you can contact Children’s

Services in North district office (416-392-5437) to see if you are eligible for it. For more

detailed information on the subsidy you also can follow that link:

The programs in CFEL are designed to meet the developmental needs of all children

including social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional. The staff and the Coordinator

are very friendly and caring and committed to maintaining regular communications daily.

In the infant group, at the end of each day you will receive a note detailing the events (how

many feedings, progress, etc) from your child’s day. In toddler and preschool group, you will

be getting this notes weekly. You are always welcome to ask questions about your child day

including special activities, programs or concerns.

There is a set of routines that is followed daily, including reading circle, outdoor play, eating

and sleeping. Children will go outside for up to two hours each day (morning and afternoon).

There is a nice playground for this purpose right on the corner of 350 Seneca Hill. Each

classroom has a posted schedule and program of activities.

One of the biggest conveniences  of this daycare is that it is located right on the premises of your condominium complex. Save money on gas and save your time!!!!

For more information on this daycare centre, or add your child to the waitlist, contact the

Coordinator Ilena at 416-499-5112.

P.S. If you are considering to relocate to Crestview Place and want to get more information

about pricing or unit availability at 260 & 350 Seneca Hill Dr Condos or 177 Linus Dr, feel

free to call your Crestview Place Specialist Nikolay Klyushkin at 647-833-3287 



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