Cold temperatures, gloomy days and draining late fall nights can bring even the most positive and cheerful people down to a depressive mood. The idea to cosy up in your pyjamas in front of the TV with the popcorn in your hands seems very appealing.

decor ideas

The great news is that if you can’t change the rainy or snowy weather outside, you definitely can introduce some small changes to the condo décor to brighten it up and cheer up your spirits

Let The Light In!

 bright light

This time around, we don’t get enough sunshine even being outside. Remove heavy curtains or blinds you might have and replace them with a lightweight, see through window treatments to maximize sunlight in your unit. You can introduce some new light fixtures like standing lamps to add coziness to the living room.

 Find The Décor Gems in Your Local HomeSense

 Home decor

There is no need to make any substantial renovations to change the feel and the look of your apartment during these dull months. Thoughtfully selected smaller inexpensive décor elements  will transform your unit on a budget. Invest in bright pillows and juicy throw blankets to add warmth and happiness to the place. Other accessories like large colourful paintings, mirrors,  vases and  other glass décor will spruce up your living room in seconds. HomeSense is an excellent sourse of these decorative pieces without breaking up your piggy bank

Go Green 

green plants 1

Kick away this season blues with bringing in indoor plants to your home.

Go to your local florist and select the green plants that will immediately enhance the charm of your living space.   A great choice that always falls into the décor is the tree ferns.  Bring in that spring by a bouquet of freshly cut flowers on your dining table for some aromatherapy as well.

Just following those 3 simple tips that  will help you to eliminate the dullness of the season and fall in love with your condo home once again.

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