A Happy Seller Meets A Happy Buyer! 177 Linus Rd Unit 211 In North York Sold in 3 days.

177 Linus rd, North York


Remember this unique condo with a tree on the balcony?

It took less than a week to sell this stunning one bedroom apartment in 177 Linus Rd in North York.

Sold at 99% of Asking Price.

This time I had an opportunity to represent not only the Seller in this transaction but the Buyer too.

When both the Seller and the Buyer are Happy – I know for sure I did my job well.

If you are looking to sell or buy in Crestview Place Condominiums located at the intersection of Don Mills and Finch ave , please, give me a call to discuss how I can help you net most money for the sellers and save the most ย for the buyers.

Best Regards,

Nikolay Klyushkin

Your Toronto Real Estate Guide






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