Another Happy Family Gets the Key To Their First Dream Home

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Oleg , Julia and Kate are the main characters of this Happy Home Buying Story!

The process of buying a first time home is not an easy matter, I can assure you.

80% of first-time buyers are not knowledgeable and quick enough to determine where they want to live without exploring and seeing a few properties in different areas.

It really takes some time for the buyer to realize what type of home they want , in what location and, of course , in what price range and this is where our job as realtors comes into play.

The ability to listen , taking into consideration the needs and requirements of each member of the family ; educating and guiding the buyer to the right house in the right area-  that’s what guarantees the success in the whole home search process for the clients and their agent.

With Oleg and his family it took us almost 2 months to pinpoint the geographical parameters of our search and narrow it down to one specific area in the Southern part of Markham (Bayview / John area).

But our way to our dream home was not that smooth…

Twice we went through disappointment of losing a house on a multiple offer bidding war, were on the verge of losing our expiring lowest interest rate guaranteed by the bank.  However, our hard efforts to find and buy our house were paid off…

The third attempt to win the house was a success. A Well prepared clean offer with a right price outbeat all the competitors and appealed to the sellers.

Now, their dream came true, the house is bought and I am very happy that I was a part of this adventurous process.

The Moral of the Story is ‘Never Give Up on Your Dream, Sooner or Later you will be a Winner’

Happy Selling and Buying Everyone,

For all your real estate needs or just advice , feel free to give me a call at 647-833-3287


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